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Amsec Heavy Duty  Electronic Fire Safe With Digital Keypad
These are not the typical security safes you'll find selling in the chain stores. All are exceptionally constructed and easy to use. While it's ok to use standard keys and locks on a lock box or strong box, this should not be the way to retract the larger bolts used on a safe. None of the digital safes we sell uses a cheap cylinder and key to retract the bolt. This in our opinion is not the best method to retract a heavy bolt. Often the lock jams or the key breaks. The only exception to this is the Medeco operated safe/strongbox. The Medeco cylinder and key are very strong. our company provides you with any security information you need to secure your home or business. safe lockers are one type of security safe you need to protect your valuables safe lockers would be your choice If you have valuables, such as cash, jewelry, sentimental items, important documents or computer media, which would need extra protection in the event of a burglary or fire you should have a security safe. one of the basic but crucial security systems is digital safe lockers. Gone are the good old days when one used to keep all his belongings in a locker with lock and key design. Digital safe lockers are replacing the old ones and that too at a rapid pace.

Choosing the right type of security safe

Emergency Locksmith will help you to decayed which safe is good for you. do you want it on the floor or on  the wall, there are many type of safes lockers, wall safes, floor safes, and they come in different sizes.