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Electronic Shelf Safe
Linear  480 User AccessKey Garage Gate Or Door Digital Keypad
Alarm Lock Electronic Pushbutton Knob  Lock
You will be not be slowed down any longer with this new electronic Or digital Lock box by GE.  Key Safe is a simple-to-use pushbutton combination lock box with LCD display showing the last nine access times so property owners know exactly when their home was accessed.  Low profile, subtle design font compliments door frame.  Solid, weather-resistant metal construction.
These are really keypad systems that are hardwired in. The keypad is mounted outside the door, and it controls an electric strike or magnetic lock. The electronics on some models are mounted inside, in a secure place. They are particularly well-suited for people who find it difficult to insert and turn a key in a regular lock. The buttons are very easy to depress. For extra security these systems will turn off and sound a local alarm after a preset number of wrong combinations. They will recycle on again after a few minutes. This makes them extremely difficult to to defeat. They cannot be picked open. Most of these systems are weather-proof and very rugged. They work just about anywhere. They are tough and smart!
Suggested Uses:
•You can put a temporary code in for a baby-sitter or house-keeper and then erase it all by yourself right at the keypad.
•You can control an electric garage door and unlike the very cheap keypads being sold through the home centers, with this keypad you'll have a high security locking system that can't be opened.
•You can have more than one combination so each person will have a unique code.
•When controlling an electric lock or strike the relay can be set so it's timed to open or close for a pre-determined period. This is called a momentary closure of the relay. Most keypads can also be set for latching, which means that when the correct code is entered, the relay will fire (open or close). It will remain that way until the code is entered again.
•With the master code you can erase and add new codes any time. You can hook up more than one unit to control a lock such as one on the outside and one on the inside similar to a double cylinder lock. The possibilities are really endless.

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